Coast Wide Skip Services Waste Information

Coast Wide Skip Services Waste Information. What can go in the skips? What can’t go in the skips? And How do we care for the environment? It’s all here.

What can go in the skips

General Household Appliances, whitegoods, furniture, toys, cardboards/paper, timber, metal and plastics. You may also include mattresses. However, these can take up additional room and furthermore are an additional cost depending on local council fees at the time.

Dirt and soil Accepted clean, charged out at a set tonnage rate. Dirt and soil contaminated with waste not accepted. Please ring for clarification on this.

Concrete, tiles, bricks, please talk to the operator in regards to these items as they can give clarity to reduce your costs.

Outdoor furniture and building waste from new constructions.

Concrete and excavation materials. However, additional fees will be incurred depending on weight and contamination levels and furthermore tip fee prices at the current time. You may also require 2 bins to reduce costs and cross contamination.

Deceased estates, consequently these items almost normally fall under general waste.

Commercial clean outs and strip outs, plaster, metal, cardboard, timber, office furniture, melamine, flooring, roof sheets, colour bond, gutters and electrical items.

Certified non-asbestos and villaboard, once material certified you may place them into bins upon driver/operator viewing certification paper work. Furthermore please supply us with a copy of the paperwork.

What can’t go in the skips?


Paint tins with wet paint inside.

Fibro, villaboard and insulation unless authorised.

Asbestos containing materials [please contact Coastwide for assistance on these materials].

Biological waste.

Hazardous materials [eg, ammunition, flares, fire extinguishers and explosives].


Food waste and house hold garbage [if rubbish normally goes in council pick up that is your house hold rubbish].

Green Speak

First of all, we want to assist you in helping the environment by reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, we do this by separating real rubbish from recyclable materials.

Recyclable items almost always are may include: timber, steel, copper, some household appliances, cardboard, paper, concrete, tiles, bricks, soil and green waste.

Finally, Coast Wide is an approved skip business and is fully insured with management plans. Consequently we always adhere to WHS standards.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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